Wake Up, Rise Up, Stand Strong (Digital)


Just four years after the first unioNation CD release.

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unioNation This is the second musical CD recorded by the International Association of Machinist & Aerospace Workers (IAM) Band, unionNation. The title of the CD, “Wake Up, Rise Up, Stand Strong” reflects where Labor Unions and workers are at in history. Workers are in a prime position to take control of their lives at the workplace; we just need the trigger to wake them up. Corporate greed is unchecked, wages are depressed, stress is up, and the lack of quality education reflects the level of ignorance people have. Electing billionaires to take care of the working class shows how stupid people are. Tommy Douglas expressed it best with Mouseland; you don’t elect cats to make life better for the mouse.

I want to thank the IAM for its support. Most of my thanks go to the Winpisinger Director Chris Wagoner for his continued support, spiritually and financially, to make unioNation a success.

All lyrics, musicians, biographies, pictures and backstories can be found at www.unionation.com. Look on YouTube for all our videos, search unioNation.

Thanks to Keith Harancher at KMH Studios in Lusby, Maryland for his masterfull engineering skills and friendship with unioNation.

I want to thank Brother Bill Kent for his masterful work directing the band at the recording of this great CD. Could not have done it without you Brother.

unioNation wants to dedicate this music to our fallen Brother Alastair Haythornthwaite.

In Musical Solidarity,
Henry Bagwell
Production Manager
Educational Representative
William W. Winpisinger Education Center


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Wake Up, Rise Up, Stand Strong Disc 1

Walking the Line©
Words, Music, and Performed by James “Jimmy” Neureuther

Jimmy Neureuther -Lead Vocals, Guitar
Eddie “Lightning” Pavon -Lead Guitar
Mike “Mouse” Reilly -Bass
Mark Pietrofere -Druunation
Donalyn Goodloe, Dannette Jones – Backup Singers

I see a young man running his machine, just starting his life
He’s gonna take out a loan and build a home, for his pretty young wife
He could be going downtown, just hanging around, but working’s what he wants to do
I’m walking the line, to make things better for you

There’s an old man, works in the foundry, forty years stoking the fire
He moves a little slow, got two more to go before he can retire
He’s always been tough, but he’s had enough, of working ‘till he’s black and blue
I’m walking the line to make things better for you
Walking the line, gonna stand straight and tall
Walking the line, all for one and one for all

We have a young Sister fitting up pipe, trying to make it on her own
She’s gonna raise her son, but it ain’t no fun, when you’ve got to do it alone
She needs a new car but she won’t get far, because her rent is overdue
I’m walking the line to make things better for you
Walking the line got our own point of view
Walking the line fighting for me and you
Walking the line never running out of steam
Walking the line keeping the American dream

Back To The Fight©
Words, Music, and Performed by Pepe Oulahan

Pepe Oulahan-Lead Vocals, Guitar
David Riggs-Keyboard
Eddie Pavon-Lead Guitar
Dustin Fountain-Druunation
Michael Wiegert-Bass
Backup Vocals-Mac McKinney, Donalyn Goodloe

Mr. one-percenter, we all know who you are
We know you won’t be satisfied, until you own every cookie in the cookie jar
You work to outlaw our Unions, block our vote, and our voice
You put us down, you push us down, you put us down until you leave us no choice

Were going back to the fight, back to the fight again
Back to the fight, back to where it all began, oh yea
Polluted politicians, kneeling at the money gate
Spreading words of division, words that poison, words of hate
You serve your new robber barons, content to leave the rest behind
So don’t look so surprised, when suddenly you find


Masters of illusion, masters of the deal
Tell the people what you want us to hear
Don’t matter what is real
Hide what is wrong, deny what is right
Even in the darkest moment, well now they say, yes they say
Well now they say that there must surely, come a light

Repeat Verse 1 and Chorus:

Let’s Go Help Somebody©
Word, Music, and Performed by Billy Broughton

Billy Broughton-Lead Vocals,
Backup Singers – Michael Wiegert, Shelley “Glass Breaker” Cooper, W.R. Kent

It started before the pit back in 1888
You see, one man made a decision that changed our history
A choice to make a stand for what he believed
So he tied up his work boots and then he set out to achieve
Uncertain of the outcome he knew he had to chance
A better life for his family he knew that others felt like him
So one person at a time they came to understand
To get this message out they’d start with those with less than them
A movement started growing and the word was spreading fast
About a group of men down in a pit had organized a plan
Being honest in their efforts they built trust from the other side
And thru the process of persuasion came this moment of compromise

Let’s go help somebody and lend a helping hand
Let’s go help somebody and do the best we can
Let’s go help somebody learn when to take a stand
Let’s go help somebody cause were proud to be the IAM

You see nothing in life comes easy and this movement had to fight
And they learned in time to heal their fist they’d do it with educated minds
They would justify their merits so their credibility stayed intact
Which strengthened their reputation the most important thing they had
They learned to really listen then as they explained
They gave respect and gained respect by living this one thing

Chorus: (and teach’em when to take a stand)

There’s not a moral to this story, you see it’s a way of life
Let’s represent the best we can so we can provide
That brotherhood that got us here so we understand
That every day we make the choice that started with one man


Did you hear me I said were proud to be the IAM
There’s just one thing to do folks, let’s go help somebody

For All of the Times©
Words and Music by W.J. Kent, Performed by Dannette Jones

Dannette Jones-Lead Vocals
Dustin Fountain-Druunation
Jeffery Jasper-Keyboard
Jimmy Neureuther-Harmonica
Mike “Mouse” Reilly-Bass

For all of the times, when there was no doubt
When there was no hope, we felt down and out
For all of the days, and all of the nights
When we stood right here, right by your side
I’m your Mother, your Sister, your Teacher, your friend
I’m the one who’ll be with you right till the end
I will help you, support you, be your union rep
So don’t make me angry, it ain’t over yet

For all of the years, and all of the tears
We stood together, through all the fears
I have worked with my hands, and been down in the dirt
I’ve been beaten and battered, my body is hurt
But it won’t make me angry; no I just won’t let it
I’m half of this union, so don’t you forget it

For all of the girls, all over the world
When we stand together, our voices are heard
If you’re from India, Africa, Britain, US
Or from all over anywhere, just let me stress
It really don’t matter, where you are from
We work together, we stand up as one

For all of the times, when we get pushed down
We’ll stand right back up, we’ll hold our ground
And we’ll fight, we’ll chant, and will sing while we strike
Were gonna exercise all of our rights
Just like we will do for the rest of our lives
For all of these times


Know Your Enemy©
Words by Antonio Rivera “Tiny Red”

Antonio “Tiny Red” Rivera-Lead Vocals
Mark Pietrofere- Druunation
Jeffery Jaspers-Keyboard
Bass- Michael Wiegert
Backup Singers-Dannette Jones, Billy Broughton, Mack McKinney, Donalyn Goodloe

You’re standing there and you’re pointing a gun at me, you better know your enemy
The enemy wants us to be poor, so we go fight his war
They want us in debt, so they pay us barely enough to pay rent
They don’t want us to vote, they want to eliminate hope
If they see progress, they’ll cut the rope
Yet you have a gun aimed at me, for a robbery
I told you before; I’m part of the community
I don’t want to flee, where people work like me
You need to direct your anger at those who perpetuate your poverty
I’m not jailing you unjustly, and I don’t vote for those who cut prograunation socially
You better know your enemy

Better know your enemy X3

The enemy wants us in jail, in a box with a lid
Cause if were in college or learning a trade, were competition for his kid
They make money off you in jail, and that money their addicted
That’s why there is no outrage, for those wrongly convicted
They don’t care about crime prevention or rehabilitation
They want to fill the prison plantation
Their profits grow with a poverty escalation
And a job growth retardation
Get you lock down in a station, like those they put on a reservation
As we stand on a stolen nation,
We need to come up with our own problem solving creation
And as we contemplate a remedy, you better know your enemy


The enemy doesn’t about affordable healthcare, so they plant words to scare
Words like socialism and communism, to give nightmares
Same things were said about Social Security and Medicare
Always their hatred and fear, it’s been used by the enemy for too many years
The fire department is respected and paid, and we pay the bill collectively
Why not do the same medically; we can be like Canada, Japan, France, and Germany
Who wouldn’t want what’s best for society, unless they are your enemy
Better know your enemy


The enemy wants you working “at will”, at blades end for the economic kill
They want to contract out, make your job part time or temporary so you can’t shout
The enemy doesn’t care about your economic bind, he’ll cross the picket line
WAIT it gets more disgusting, the enemy believes in union busting
Union busters, the scum of the earth, bull manure has more worth
Before we can fix society, you better know your enemy


Living’ in the Great White©
Word, Music, and Performed by Steve Eckery

Steve Eckery-Lead Vocals, Guitar
Michael Wiegert- Bass
Eddie Pavon-Lead Guitar
Jeffery Jaspers-Keyboard
Mark Pietrofere-Druunation
Backup Vocals-Donalyn Goodloe, Dannette Jones, Jeffery Jaspers, W.J. Kent

Living in the great white, America today
People think I’m crazy; they don’t like it what we say
Take away the freedom, give ya no respect
Take away the free speech, with politically correct

Whoa –oh-oh-oh-oh, living in the great white
Whoa –oh-oh-oh-oh, living in the great white

Criminals of Wall Street, they should be in jail
But our politicians, would probably pay their bail
Congress and the Senate, look the other way
Lying to the people, tell us everything’s OK.


Corporations greedy, we can build it over seas
America she suffers, working man is on his knees
Politician’s line up, money on the take
Lying to the people, about the promises they break


Living in the great white, belly of the whale
If you got no money, you will probably go to jail
Read it in the papers, you can see it on TV
Rich are getting richer, little child in poverty

Chorus: X4

Showing Who We Can Be©
Words by Billy Broughton, Performed by Anthony “Tony” Cruz

Tony Cruz-Lead Vocals
Back-up vocals – Bill Kent

Pay to have it done, won’t let you understand
That without a voice to give, you leave someone else to chance
And when the job is done, it may not end up like you planned
Instead of two heads are better than one, you live with the circuunationtances

You’ve got to get involved to evolve
There’s not switch to turn on it and off
We live and learn and support were we can
Then focus on what we can foresee
Yeah we win and lose and were there with a helping hand
We don’t sit still when we need to find our feet
We’re walking in proud of our history, showing who we can be

Chasing our tails, only ends up a repeat
We beat failure with another try, to find little victories
It’s a great feeling to change, the need into a growing seed
That seed the same as a voice, and grows for all to see

Midnight Railroad Blues©
Words and Music by David Riggs, Performed by David Riggs and Mack Mc Kinney.

“Big Mack” McKinney-Lead Vocals
David “Fingers” Riggs-Keyboard
Dustin “Dusty” Fountain-Druunation
Mike Reilly- Bass
Jimmy Neureuther -Harmonica
Eddie “Lightning” Pavon-Lead Guitar

It’s one o’clock in the morning
And it’s time to get back to work
It’s one o’clock in the morning
Sixteen engines on the track
We’re always one man short
It’s that Midnight Railroad Blues


Oil is leaking, and the waters running out
Ain’t no parts to fix’em
And the train masters on our back
We always patch em up
It’s the midnight railroad blues

Work sixteen hours a day, don’t ever take a break
Your clothes get black and dirty
You smell like diesel fuel
You’re always hot or sweaty, or it’s cold as ice
The man who’s in charge, don’t treat us very nice

Repeat verse 1

On the Rails©
Words and Music and Performed by W. J. Kent

W.J. Kent-Lead Vocals-Back-up vocals
Michael Wiegert – Bass
Mark Pietrofere-Druunation
Jeffery Jaspers-Keyboard

200 hundred years ago when this country first began
They had to find a way to move the goods across this land
The challenges were many, the distances were great
The options they were few but the people wouldn’t wait
They headed out on horseback in wagons and on foot
They just had no idea of the journeys that they took
There had to be a better way a way that wouldn’t fail
They built a track across the land and moved it on the rails, on the rails

On the railway, they moved the stuff, them cars and trucks
All the mail and big bank bucks on the rail
A hundred years have come and gone and railways crossed the land
From Omaha to Wichita and there and back again
And thousands lost their lives in the chase of this pursuit
But progress is and always was the justifying truth on the rails
And then one day out of the sky there came a silver bird
Defying the impossible it seemed just so absurd
And it could move the people and the goods faster still
Was this the death of railway or just a bitter pill on the rail

On the railway, they moved the stuff, them cars and trucks
All the mail and big bank bucks on the rail
Gasoline and big machines on the rail
200 years have come and gone and now we’re driving cars
And bringing home our purchases from places near and far
The aeroplane the high-speed trains are co-existing still
And find theunationelves called obsolete I hope they never will be on the rails

On the railway, they moved the stuff, them cars and trucks
All the mail and big bank bucks, gasoline and big machines, timber boards and iron ore
You and me and so much more on the rail

Union Heart©
Words, Music, and Performed by Steve Eckery

Steve Eckery-Lead Vocals, Guitar
Michael Wiegert-Bass
Jimmy Neureuther-Harmonica
Jeffery Jasper-Keyboard
Mark Pietrofere-Druunation
Backup Vocals – Dannette Jones, W.J. Kent

Early mornin’, late at night, union workers doing it right
Keep your lights on, keep that plane up in the air
U.S. union workers folks with heart, folks that care

Drivin’ fire trucks, boys in blue, burning building rescue you
Take that bad guy, take his gun right off the street
U.S. union workers, job done right, job complete

Locomotive diesel power, rollin’ railroad tracks on fire
Trains and truckers haulin’ freight and all our food
U.S. union workers hauling coal, cars, and crude

The union was established protects a workers right
Coexist with business; it’s been a tireless fight
A worker not receiving the benefits of work
Know he’s getting cheated and treated like a jerk

Got you listening to this song
Ask the worker who’s been wronged
Organizing keeps the workplace safe and fair
U.S. union workers, folks with heart, folks that care

Feel What I Feel©
Words and Performed by Billy Broughton

Billy Broughton-Lead Vocals
Eddie “Lightning” Pavon- Lead Guitar

When everything I say, makes them impatient
And I know they don’t want to hear it at all
When they speak, it’s cruel and detrimental
You know there’s something common that should stop the fall
If you pull the trigger, you have to mean it


Feel what I feel when the standoff has begun
Feel what I feel, when the guns been drawn
Feel what I feel, when the aim is beading down
When you can’t pull the trigger, you’ve gotta to take it in the heart

When minds are made up, words fall short again
And everyone’s introverted, keeping frustrations in
You say the word to extravert, and then refrain
Let the harsh words flow so mending can begin


Stare it down or see that its bluff
If it’s a gun fight, loosen your pistols up
See if it’s a draw, or listen for the shot
Cause you can’t pull the trigger, you gotta take it in the heart

Chorus: X2

Fell what I feel, when you can’t take the shot
Feel what I feel, when you take it in the heart

Working Overtime©
Lyrics and Music by Eddie “Lightning” Pavon, Performed by W.J. Kent

W.J. Kent-Lead Vocals
Eddie Pavon-Lead Guitar
Mark Pietrofere-Druunation
Mike “Mouse” Reilly-Bass
Backup Vocals – Donalyn Goodloe

Start my day running, keep those engines comin’
It’s what the company says we need
Turning those wrenches, swinging those hammers
Man this job takes till I bleed

Workin all day workin all night
Working all that overtime, overtime, overtime
Working all day, working all night
Man were running out of time, out of time, out of time

What will we do today, (Audience and band scream) WE’LL FIGHT
Fight for what is right (Audience and band scream) THAT’S RIGHT
What will we do today, (Audience and band scream) WE’LL FIGHT
Fight for union rights (Audience and band scream) THAT’S RIGHT

Working long hours to pay for our houses, that’s what the unions fighting for
Our union contracts are keeping workers safe, the IAM is doing more
Getting involved representing members, that’s what your union does for you
So get yourself active, join us in the fight, so come, join us, MACHINIST unite

Chorus repeat X 3

Wake Up, Rise Up, Stand Strong Disc 2

Union Thug©
Words, Music and Performed by Pepe Oulahan

Pepe Oulahan-Lead Vocals, Guitar
Mack McKinney-Lead Vocals
David Riggs-Keyboard
Mark Pietrofere-Bongo Druunation
Mike “Mouse” Reilly-Bass
Eddie Pavon-Lead Guitar
Jimmy Neureuther-Harmonica
Mark Pietrofere -Druunation
Antonio “Tiny Red” Rivera-Rapper
Backup Singers-Donalyn Goodloe, Dannette Jones, Mack McKinney

I fight for worker justice, yes indeed, I fight for things, we all need
I heard about it, I read it in the press
I fight for workers’ rights, so I guess

I’m a union thug, I’m a union thug
Give me a union hug, cause I’m a union thug
I speak up in the workplace, stand up on the street
I bring my message, to everyone I meet
I may go to court, may even go to jail
I know one day, working people will prevail


I’m a Union thug, give me a union hug
When I purchase, there better be a union bug
I’m a Union thug, fighting for everyone’s need
Representing justice, opposing all the greed
I’m a Union thug, fighting for worker’s pay
Join the union or get out of our way

Well now you know me, we’ll see eye to eye
I’ll be talking union, until the day I die
So if you think like me, you understand my tone
All I can tell you is you’re not alone
I’m are a Union thug


A Price To Win©
Lyrics by Mark Pietrofere and Billy Broughton, Performed by Tony Cruz

Tony Cruz-Lead Vocals
Tony Cruz- Guitar
Mark Pietrofere -Druunation
Mike “Mouse” Reilly -Bass
David Riggs -Keyboard

What will it take for us to understand, the direct attacks on the working man
Corporate thieves continue to mislead, profits soar as the working class bleeds.

The story shows our lives have changed, work rules, wages, benefits rearranged
Union numbers continues to fall, while executives take it all


A price to win as they betray, while the working man fades away
A price to win is their creed, while our livelihoods fall to greed

Their goal is to take what we receive, and seize the lives we have achieved
They take from us our quality of life, attack our dignity and take our rights

Chorus: 2
A price to win as they betray, while the working man fades away
A price to win their attempted deed, while the working man stands in need

Chorus :2 X2

Time for Peace©
Words and Music by Brad “Ziggy” Seefried and Jay Somerville

Ziggy Seefried-Lead Vocals, Guitar
Eddie Pavon-Lead Guitar
David Riggs-Keyboard
Mike “Mouse” Reilly-Bass
Dustin Fountain-Druunation
Backup Singers-Dannette Jones, Shelley Cooper

Live our life on the edge of a knife, followed the rules listened to fools
Wars and death, let’s take a breath, it’s children who cry, children who die
Families in despair, it’s never fair, they loved; they lost, what was the cost
Syria hysteria, it’s a bacteria, chemicals attack, watch your back

Time for peace, no more war,
Gotta show the world there’s a better way (X3)

Who’s right, who’s wrong, who really cares, everything’s gone
Do this, do that, running around it all falls down
Tired of dictators, government traitors, there not like us, under the bus
Time to start changing, it’s all arranged, time to be free, listen to me


Voice of reason, they call it treason, powers today, ruin your day
We don’t want a war, find another door, send the ships home, send in the drones
Time to change, it’s all arranged, peace is the way, starting today
Listen to the people, let’s build a steeple, talk about resolve, learn to solve

Shout it Out©
Words by Linda Manekas and Billy Broughton, Performed by Shelley Cooper

Shelley Cooper-Lead Vocals
Jeffery Jasper-Keyboard
Henry Bagwell-Backup Singer

Brothers, Sisters sing it loud, the IAM has made us proud.
The Union made us strong you see, it’s given us a dignity.
For working men and working girls, in every corner of our world;
Stand together shout it out

Stand up tall and shout it out, the best damn Union without a doubt

Brothers, Sisters sing it loud, the IAM has made us proud.
The Union brought security, for all our working families.
Who does the work, who gets it done, the IAMAW son
Stand together shout it out


Brothers, Sisters sing it loud, the IAM has made us proud,
From Calgary to Tennessee, each local rich in history.
If the Company turns on you, there’s only one partner that sees you through….
Stand together shout it out


You’ve Gotta Pay Your Dues©
Words and Performed by Billy Broughton

Our ancestors gave for the things we‘ve got
Their solidarity for equality is the reason they fought
They stood side by side, and gave us our bargaining rights
Yeah their unity got them through years of labor fights

You’ve got to pay your dues, because nothing is free
You’ve got to pay your dues, hey Brother it’s your integrity
You’ve got to pay your dues, physically and financially
You’ve got to pay your dues, with respect and dignity

They paid with blood, many days and nights
For working families, to have a better life
They organized for us, showing us how
To work and represent, our unions sacred vows


Free loaders and slackers, give us a bad name
Steal from the union, and then when they’re in need
They want us to represent them, though they haven’t paid
And then they laugh in our faces, like thieves that betray

You know in your heart, that it just ain’t right
When you take from a Brother or Sister, you can’t unite
We give for the protection; our leaders give us day and night
And stand strong with the IAM, in the labor fight
(Spoken) You know what it’s all about now don’tcha
Solidarity let’s get together on this stuff now people

They paid with blood yeah and they paid with life
Built solidarity and equality and organized
We give for the protection; our leaders gave us day and night
And stand strong with the IAM in the labor fight

So you’ve got to pay your dues

Gotta Have a Union©
Word, Music, and Performed by Mike “T-Bird” Wiegert

Michael Wiegert-Lead Vocals, Bass
W. J. Kent-Guitar, Vocals
David Riggs-Keyboard
Eddie Pavon-Lead Guitar
Dustin Fountain-Druunation

Working for peanuts, till my job went south
Told us you’re done, we don’t need you no more
That’s when I searched and found a bit more
Got me a job that was better than before
This had a union, it was new to me
Was blind before, but now I can see

Hold on, Hold on
Livin’ a life that’s free, livin’ a life for me
Hold on, Hold on
Gotta have a union, gotta have a union

Next thing I knew, I had to know more
Went to the meetings, to go and explore
Only one job to make ends meet
The only way, and this was my need

It’s nice to have our family and friends
Learned worker’s rights, till there was no end
Became a Union Rep, to help people out
We have a contract, that’s what it’s about

Unions stay strong, when we work as a team
Get involved, and you’ll know what I mean
Future is bright, for the young yet to come
We are true members when united as one

Chorus: X3 (get audience clapping and singing)

You Don’t Know Me©
Words and Music by Pepe Oulahan, Performed by Donalyn Goodloe

Donalyn Goodloe-Lead Vocals
Pepe Oulahan-Guitar
David Riggs-Keyboard
Mark Peitrofere-Druunation
Michael Wiegert- Bass
Backup vocals and Guitar W.J. Kent

You don’t know me, I’m just a number, just another worker, lost his life today
You don’t know me, I’m just a number, Come listen closely, to what I have to say
Now, is the time, and here, is the place, for deep is the scar, I wear on my face

Can you hear me, Brother Haglund, the one with the truth in his eyes
The one we call Joe Hill, the one who told us Brothers Sisters
Don’t morn organize, organize.

You don’t know me; I’m your sister, the one you built a better day with, not so long ago
You don’t know me, I’m your sister, I speak my message loud and clear, everywhere I go
Now is the time and here is the place, for deep is the scar I wear on my face.

Can you hear me Mary Harris, the one we call Mother Jones
She said the boss can’t win a fight, if we don’t let him
For the work that he needs done, he cannot do alone, he cannot do alone

You don’t know me, I’m the story
The one we carry with us, through the wheel of time
You don’t know me, I’m the story
The people, lives, and words, that holds the ties that bind
Now is the time and here is the place
For deep is the scar we wear on our face

Repeat Chorus 1

Solidarity Now©
Lyrics by: Jeffery Jasper, Billy Broughton, Bill Kent, Zion Jasper, Music by: Jeffery Jasper, W.J. Kent, Performed by: Jeffery Jasper

Mark Pietrofere- Druunation
Billy Broughton –Acoustic Guitar
Michael Wiegert- Bass
Eddie Pavon-Lead Guitar
Jeffery Jasper-Keyboards
Backup Vocals – Dannette Jones, Donalyn Goodloe, Zion Jasper

We’re from this nation, here and beyond, love of music, fellowship of the song
No barriers between as we go along, Solidarity now
We stay connected we play a part, we’re back together like never apart,
Bonded together like we’re one heart, Solidarity now

We are family. Strong as we can be, we will be there, because we care
We are family. Voices loud and free, we will be there because we care

It’s our intention as we move ahead, to change direction with the words that we’ve said
Held together like no one has been Solidarity now


We, we are not alone. Never on our own, all so far away from home
But we, we have found a grace, sharing in this place standing face to face


We’re from this nation here and beyond, love of music fellowship of the song
Solidarity now, Solidarity now

Blue Collar Blood©
Words and Music by Kevin O’Brian

Wake up every mornin’ and know i’m a workin’ man’s son
I feel each ache, every pain now a new day’s begun
I know i won’t stop til the night sky is darker than mud
My rock steady heart keeps pumpin…..
Blue collar blood

My brothers and sisters stand by me til we reach our goal
Keep climbing this mountain of pride in our blue collar souls
Together our voices unite raining down like a flood
Our rock steady hearts keep pumpin……
Blue collar blood,
Blue collar blood

The suits rub their hands, as we toil for each dollar bill
Their bank accounts swell til they burst still they cant get their fill
Together our voices unite raining down like a flood
Our rock steady hearts keep pumpin……
Blue collar blood

Our houses stand tall on the streets with there new flags unfurled
Our city can reach for the sky, in a blue collar world
Together our voices unite raining down like a flood
Our rock steady hearts keep pumpin,
Our rock steady hearts keep pumpin,
Our rock steady hearts keep pumpin

blue collar blood,
blue collar blood,
blue collar blood,

blue collar blood

Ordinary People©
Words by Billy Broughton, Performed by Billy Broughton and Mack Mc Kinney
Mack McKinney-Lead Vocals
Backup Vocals – Donalyn Goodloe, Billy Broughton

We’ve come from all around this country, were the IAM and we organize
If we bring our message to ya, it’s to help you realize
Were there to lend a helping hand, we’ll stand by you side by side
We will help you get a contract, as you look us in the eye, you’ll see

Ordinary people trying for better lives
Ordinary people showing the union is on your side
When we stand together our voices come alive
And ordinary people can have a better life

Let me make a correction
We’re spread further than the US of A
Our international Brothers and Sisters
Like us are here to stay
We won’t back down, we’ll stand our ground
The world knows us that way
Were the fighting Machinist
You can believe me when I say
You’ll see


A better life, a better, better life, that’s our fight
A worthy fight for rights each day and night we fight for


A better life when you unionize

Music by David Riggs, Instrumental

David Riggs-Keyboard
Eddie Pavon-Lead Guitar
Michael Wiegert-Bass
Mark Pietrofere –Druunation
Mack McKinney – Introduction

Whether by choice or seniority
The ones who are out all night working, thinking about their family’s at home
While concentrating on their duties, waiting for the sun to rise
So that they may safely return to their loved ones